The program applied at Salisbury Street is an integrated one that reflects the underlying ethos of the house. In brief, this ethos involves (in no particular order): 

  • Recognition of, and honesty about, the nature and consequences of one’s offending.
  • Rejection of the criminal lifestyle and awareness of the triggers that have led to it in the past.
  • Respect for the rights, freedoms and property of others.
  • Acceptance of parental and relationship responsibilities.
  • Maintenance of physical and mental health and hygiene.
  • Self-sufficiency in terms of personal budgeting and domestic management.
  • Contribution to the community through engagement in regular paid work.
  • Participation in other activity that benefits the general welfare of the community.
  • Providing leadership to others through personal example.  

 Residents at Salisbury St are engaged in a comprehensive program of group work, individual counselling and physical activity which is dedicated to the reinforcement of the above values. Residents are responsible for buying the food for the house under supervision and within an approved budget, they plan and cook all meals, and do all household chores such as dishes, cleaning and laundry.     

 The organisation is involved in a variety of community work projects on a regular basis. For example, every week for the past decade or so, residents have provided the manpower for St Aidan’s Church group to run its food bank.

  The recreation component of the program involves a structured series of three-monthly blocks of kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and tramping. Part of this involves bike trips and guided expeditions into the mountains lasting several days. All residents regularly attend a local gymnasium and some play in local sports teams.

 As clients progress towards the end of the program, they are encouraged to begin thinking about obtaining paid employment. Once they have attained Green status, staff assist clients in searching and applying for jobs or in seeking further education. 


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