While the board of trustees provides overall governance to Salisbury St, the job of day-to-day running is carried out by professional staff. Management is conducted by the director, who is hired by, and responsible to, the board of trustees. The director administers the budget, controls and organises the program, and hires and manages staff under guidance from the board. The director communicates primarily with the chairman of the board, and attends all board meetings ex officio. In November 2009, apart from the director, SSF employed a total of 12 full-time, part-time, and casual  staff:


F/T clinical management workers: 2

F/T night supervisor: 1

P/T night supervisor: 1

F/T evening supervisor: 1

P/T office administrator: 1

Casual general staff: 6


Extra workers are also hired from time to time for such duties as contracted management of high risk offenders on extended supervision orders, or on other contracts entered into with the Department of Corrections. 

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